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A New Way to See Art

San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA, has introduced a new app that tracks your location in the museum and tells you what you're seeing as you wander through.

London Children's Museum

A day of fun for little ones, the Children's Museum offers interactive play areas and exhibits.

Elements of Machines

From the Boston Museum of Science, learn about simple machines through example, then test your knowledge by figuring out which ones are used in our everyday tools and devices.

Dino Directory from the Natural History Museum

This is a guide to 333 of the most well-described dinosaurs, including 1302 images. Can be searched by the dinosaur’s name or by the time period or location where the dinosaurs lived.

Anne Frank Homepage

Visit the official website of the Anne Frank house. There is information on her life and the museum in her honor.

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

The Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame recognizes and honours Canada’s sports heroes both amateur and professional. Click on Honoured Members and choose whether you want to search by name, sport or year of induction.

Virtual Museum of Canada: Theme - Arts in Canada

This site has changing virtual exhibits and an image gallery. Click on My VMC to make your own personal museum.

National Gallery of Canada

Find information on Canadian, Indigenous, International, and Asian art as well as prints and drawings, photographs, and contemporary art. You can search the Library & Archives and the Art Collection. There is also a link to a searchable Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

National Gallery of Art, Washington

Interactive online activities such as visiting a Dutch Dollhouse, exploring Still Life or creating a Tropical Jungle. Zoom in to look at details of famous paintings.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Take a look at over 30,000 works of art or at the useful Timeline of Art History. Try some of the MuseumKids activities like "Cézanne's Astonishing Apples," "Knights in Central Park" or "The Dancers and Degas."