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The world has become easier to grasp and easier to deal with since we have, or at least most of us have, owned up to be avid followers of the "FOR DUMMIES" manuals to get us through the trials and tribulations of pretty much everything.

A Business Visionary

Steve Jobs was undoubtedly a legend in his own time. As a long time friendly business associate and business rival with Bill Gates the two men reached an iconic status that placed them in a league of their own. They changed the way the world communicates and the way the world does business.

EMF Pollution - A New Invisible Danger - Nov. 17

Some scientists believe that Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) may be making us sick.

Go-go gadgets

Retirement (or any time) is a great time to collect and play with gadgets.  You may remember that Maxwell Smart had some pretty cool gadgets, some that even worked when they were suppose to work.  Later, Inspector Gadget had a larger assortment of gadgets and was often overwhelmed or frustrated dealing with gadgets that did not respond the way he expected.

Learn, Relax, Simplify

Retirement should be the time when you start a new interest, take up a new craft or return to some of the lost but not forgotten interests of the past. For seniors looking to learn or improve on their understanding of today's technologies our Computer Help for Seniors program will match you with your own individual tutor to help you reach your personal goals.