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A Doozy of a Psychological Thriller

Book Cover Image - The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife marks A.S.A.Harrison's fiction debut. I love psychological thrillers and Harrison has written a doozy. (Don't you love that word!?)

“Flowerful” Fiction

Wife 22 Cover

As we head into the long weekend celebrating Victoria Day, it appears that spring has finally arrived after weeks of flirting.

Dear Lucy - Julie Sarkissian

Book cover Image - Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy is Julie Sarkissan's newly released debut novel. I can't imagine being

Magical debut

Book cover image - The Silence of Bonaventure ArrowI've been hearing things - good things - about Rita Leganski's debut novel The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow. And, after the first few chapters I have to agree wholeheartedly.

I have my favourite genres, but sometimes there's something about the description of a book or the opening lines that grabs me and I just know that this is going to one of those special books that stays with me. Until I lend it out - because I'll definitely be recommending this one.

Like 'heist' movies? Try this debut novel!

Book Cover Image - GhostmanLearn from my mistakes. It was almost bedtime, but I thought I would sample a few chapters of Ghostman by Roger Hobbs before calling it a night. Yeah, good plan - didn't work. And I was very bleary eyed at work the next morning.

Atlantic City. The perfect heist, perfectly planned- treasury bills on their way to a casino. But.....the best laid schemes of mice and men....

Hooked from the first lines...

Book cover image - The Death of Bees

"Eugene Doyle. Born 19 June 1972. Died 17 December 2010, aged thirty-eight. Isabel Ann Macdonald. Born 24 May 1974. Died 18 December 2010, aged thirty-six.

Today is Christmas Eve. Today is my birthday. Today I am fifteen. Today I buried my parents in the backyard. Neither of them were beloved."

E-books? Here's about 3718 that you may not know we had!

World Book LogoI'm sure you know that our World Book Encyclopedia offers a ton of great information, but did you know that it's also home to a wonderful E-book collection?

Warm read for a cold day

Blackberry Winter - Book Cover Image Sarah Jio's latest book is Blackberry Winter. And it might just be my favourite - so far.

In the opening chapter we meet Vera Ray. Times are tough in 1933 and Vera is lucky to have a job cleaning rooms at night at a posh hotel in Seattle. But it also means she is forced to leave her three year old son Daniel alone in their attic rooms. After her shift finishes she races home through a freak snowstorm (it's the 2nd of May!) and finds Daniel's bed empty.....

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