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Would you go to Mars?

book cover image for Mission to Mars:my vision for space exploration

Considering the fact that small spaces (like elevators) make me queasy and nervous I was surprised to find that Buzz Aldrin's Mission to Mars : my vision for space exploration  had me wondering if I would be willing to travel to Mars.

The Limits of Computation

Book Cover

Throughout the years there have been numerous movies and books showing robots and computers taking over the world, irobot and 2001: a space odyssey as examples, but could this actually happen?

Fun Fact!

Book CoverDid you know that there are 25 privately funded teams in a race to claim a 30 million Google Lunar X Prize? The first team to safely land a robot on the moon and explore its surface will win!

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Review: Case Files 40 Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science

Take out your magnifying glass and lab coat!  Mystery and science come together in a great way in Case Files 40 Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science by Larry Verstraete.  This collection of

What's New for 2013!

Book CoverSince the world did not end on December 21st and we have another year ahead of us, what can we look forward to in terms of science in 2013?

The 2012 Geminid meteor shower

The 2012 Geminid meteor shower is fast approaching and will peak on the 13/14 and will probably still be going strong on the 14/15. 

Science Here and Now!

Asteroids, the Earth and our Solar System!

Asteroids are perhaps best known for the hazards they might pose to our planet.  But very few asteroids are dangerous. 

The Search for a Sister Earth

When you look up at the sky do you ever wonder if there is a planet like Earth somewhere else in our Galaxy or even in another galaxy? If there is how would we know?  How would we find it? How could we tell if it was habitable?  For answers to these and many other questions about this fascinating new frontier join Dr. Sasselov an astronomer who studies, among other things, extrasolar planets. Dr.