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Live Longer and stronger

Peter Spiers's new book Master Class : living longer, stronger and happier is filled with practical advice for baby boomers so they can take command of their lives and experience unprecedented happiness and longevity in retirement.  This book will help you make the right choices for sucessful aging and guide you with

Changes to the Canada Pension Plan

Changes to retirement pension benefits began in 2011 and will continue to be phased in until 2016.  The changes are being made to reflect the fact that the average Canadian retirement age has been increasing.

These changes will affect you if you are:

Alone, but not lonely

One major life change that can occur before, or during, your retirement years can be that you suddenly find yourself living alone.  While that might seem a scarey prospect recent research has shown that people who live alone are often the most socially engaged people in the community.

It's Never too Late

It is Never too late : take control of your retirement and your future by learning about some of your financial options.  Now might also be a good time to read up about your entitlements under the Canada Pension Plan and other bene

Go-go gadgets

Retirement (or any time) is a great time to collect and play with gadgets.  You may remember that Maxwell Smart had some pretty cool gadgets, some that even worked when they were suppose to work.  Later, Inspector Gadget had a larger assortment of gadgets and was often overwhelmed or frustrated dealing with gadgets that did not respond the way he expected.

Learn, Relax, Simplify

Retirement should be the time when you start a new interest, take up a new craft or return to some of the lost but not forgotten interests of the past. For seniors looking to learn or improve on their understanding of today's technologies our Computer Help for Seniors program will match you with your own individual tutor to help you reach your personal goals.

Ah, retirement!

If you are retired or will be soon one of the many great sites for retired persons is the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP).  CARP's mandate is to effectively promote the rights and quality of life of mature Canadians. The site includes information on travel, health concerns, and government information.