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Delegation Application Form and Policy

FAQs for Delegations

How to Provide Input to Your Library Board as a Delegation.

The London Public Library (LPL) wants input from the public about its services, policies and issues. We believe public participation in decisions is important. People wishing to speak to the Board about an issue or service can meet with the Board during one of the regular public meetings, as a "delegation" or by sending a letter or email.

How can I get my questions answered or concerns resolved?

Michael Ciccone, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Librarian would be pleased to meet with you and answer your questions or hear your concerns. His email address is You can also call 519-661-5145. If you wish to go directly to the Board, you may ask to be a delegation at its next meeting.

What do I need to do to speak at a Library Board meeting?

To let the Board know you are interested in speaking, complete an Application for Delegation Status. The application is on the Library’s website, or is available by calling the CEO’s Office at 519-661-5145.

The application can be faxed to 519-663-5396. It may also be mailed to London Public Library, 251 Dundas St., London, ON N6A 6H9.

If you need assistance, either in the format of the application or in filling it out, please let us know so we may accomodate your need. You will be contacted after your application has been received in order to arrange the date, time and place for you to speak.

Should I provide a written copy of my presentation to the Board?

You are welcome to provide a written copy of your presentation but it is not necessary. Written comments may also be sent without speaking to the Library Board in person.Brief notes will be taken during your presentation as a record for the Board. Presentations or information given to the Library Board, including the name of the presenter will become public information and may be communicated by the library to others.

When does the Board meet?

The Library Board meets a minimum of 7 times a year on the fourth Thursday of months agreed upon by the board at the beginning of each year. There are no meetings in July and August. Delegations are usually scheduled at the beginning of the meeting. Please check the Library’s website for meeting details or ask one of our staff.

Are there any other opportunities to provide input?

Letters or emails may be sent to the London Public Library Board or to the CEO & Chief Librarian (as the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board). The communication you send will be received by the Library Board at its public meeting and is then public information. It may be communicated by the library to others.

We always welcome your comments written on “How Did We Do Today” comment cards available at any help desk in the Library.

The Library Board may schedule public meetings on specific topics from time to time. There will be notice for these meetings, as well as instructions on how to participate, on the library’s website.

When do I have to have my application in to speak at a Board meeting?

Your request should be received no later than 4:30 pm on the Monday prior to the Board meeting.

What should I do at the Library Board meeting?
  • Please arrive a little early for the meeting, so that the Board knows that you are there.
  • You will have up to 5 minutes for your presentation.
  • Act with respect and consideration for others and adhere to the LPL Charter of Rights and the procedures of the Library Board.
  • Please do not use the names of individuals, staff or members of the public in order to protect their privacy.
  • Board members may ask questions to understand you fully. Staff may be asked to comment on the information provided.
  • Once you have made your presentation and the Board has finished asking questions, you will not be able to make any further comments at the meeting.
What happens next?

The Library Board will proceed with their agenda once your delegation has been completed. You are welcome to remain through the remainder of the meeting.

How will I know what the Board decided?

No decisions are made based solely on the information you provide as a delegation. The Library Board will consider other relevant information, viewpoints, ideas and opinions.

You can find information on Board decisions in the minutes of the meeting you attended, posted on the Library’s website or call 519-661-5145.

We encourage you to participate!