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December 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019 5:30 p.m.
Friends of the London Public Library Board Room
Central Library


London Public Library strengthens people and neighbourhoods by creating connections that enrich lives, inspire discovery, foster creativity, and expand possibilities.

  1. Apologies –
  2. Disclosures of Interest
  3. Changes to and Adoption of Agenda(s)
  4. Election of Officers
    Chair, 2020
    Vice Chair, 2020
    Third Member of the Executive Committee
  5. Chairperson’s Remarks
  6. Approval of Minutes – November 28, 2019
  7. Business Arising from the Minutes
  8. Delegations and Presentations
    1. Friends of the Library - Infinite Possibilities Pledge Cheque Presentation
    2. Location Presentation – Pond Mills Branch Library
  9. Reports from Committees, Members and Staff Requiring Board Action
    1. Policy Review: Healthy and Safety Commitment
    2. Service Report: Adult Services
    3. Procurement Policy Update - Non-Competitive Procurement
    4. 2019 Stabilization Reserve Contribution/Draw Down
    5. 2019 Collections Encumbrance Reserve Contribution
    6. Board Meeting Schedule 2020
    7. Hours of Service 2020
    8. Board Committee Appointments 2020
    9. LPL Board Self-Evaluation - November, 2020 (verbal)
    10. Updates from Other Boards and Commissions (verbal)
  10. Consent Items
    1. Events and Programs of Interest to Library Board Members
    2. Draft Agenda – January 23, 2020
    3. From the Media:
      London musicians team up to create three new Christmas songs, November 18, 2019
      Where is London's spookiest spot? Social Sharing
      London Public Library crafted a self-guided 'ghost walk' map and is looking for your input.
      November 26, 2019
      London Public Library highlights free-to-use music studio The Labs. November 26, 2019
  11. Notice of Motion
  12. Inquiries and Other Business
  13. Report on Matters from the Executive Session
  14. Adjournment