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London Public Library Budget FAQ

London Public Library Reports

In November 2015 London Public Library completed a detailed analysis to determine a conservative estimate of the annual economic impact of the Library.  You can read a summary of the report here:

In the Fall of 2015 London Public Library completed a customer satisfaction survey.  You can read the results here:

London has seen an ongoing period of high use and demand for library services. We’re sharing our 2014 statistics with you below and will have some 2015 statistics available shortly.

Read our complete 2014 Annual Report here:

A snapshot of how our community used their library in 2014

Read our complete 2014 Annual Report

Visits to the library website
Library items borrowed
2,805,778Visits to library branches
1,063,803Reference questions asked
Uses of library public computers
27,953Children and adults attended a storytime
148,085Active Library Card holders
170,384eBooks borrowed
13,912Programs delivered
493Children benefitted from one-on-one volunteer support with reading

      46.7%    of Londoners held an active Library Card. 

2014 Financial Information

Operating Revenue
City of London$19,022,746
Provincial Grants$598,829
Federal Grants$115,909
Fees, Rentals & Sundry$395,739


Operating Expenditures
Human Resources$14,466,196
Facility Services*$1,655,907
Purchased Services*$567,296
Facilities Repairs & Maintenance$323,935
Program Services$72,859
Furniture & Equipment*$12,823

* Expenditures are shown before amortization of tangible capital assets. See Library website for the 2014 LPL Audited Financial Statements prepared according to PSAB sections 1200 Financial Statement Presentation and 3150 Tangible Capital Assets. The audited statements show amortization of $3,455,181 for capital assets such as buildings, computers, collections, library shelving, furniture, equipment and motor vehicles.

2015 financial statements available late spring, 2016

What is London Public Library Requesting?

Operating Budget

LPL was given a four year target of an average 1.5% increase to our annual operating appropriation by the City of London.  In developing the budget, we took into consideration mandatory cost increases, the impact of inflation and projected inflation, the need to increase the collections budget, costs associated with implementing the LPL Strategic Plan, and the negative impact that flat-lining, or decreasing, budget lines in prior years has had on the sustainability of the budget.

The requested increases for each year are as follows:
• 2016 - 1.9% or $372,000
• 2017 - 1.4% or $283,000
• 2018 - 1.4% or $280,000
• 2019 - 1.3% or $257,000

The increases average 1.5% over the four years meeting the target set by the City.

LPL Multi-Year Budget 2016 -- 2019:

Capital Budget

We have also requested capital funding for lifecycle renewal of our branches and technology infrastructure:


Strategic Investment Funding

Last year LPL submitted for and secured a strategic investment in the Central Library to support significant revitalization of the facility. This year, LPL has submitted a second strategic investment case: Library Facilities and Equipment Capital Reserve Fund Increase:

to fund a planned approach to maintain both physical (buildings) and technological infrastructure, revitalize Library spaces and manage energy costs. This is necessary to address and manage the infrastructure gap required to maintain the Library’s assets now and for the future..

How can I share my feedback about the Library Budget?

The City of London and London City Council invite feedback and questions about the 2016-2019 multi-year budget through the following:

Twitteruse #LdnBudget or @CityofLdnOnt

There is a Build a Budget tool on the City website which includes an interactive educational web-based tool that allows Londoners to provide input on budget allocations for all service areas, including the Library.

If you wish to copy us on your correspondence with the City of London as it relates to our budget, or if you wish to contact us directly with your feedback or questions, please address to:
Scott Courtice, Chair, London Public Library Board & Susanna Hubbard Krimmer, CEO & Chief Librarian


MailLondon Public Library, 251 Dundas Street, London, ON N6A 6H9