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Reports, Minutes and Agenda

January 2010

January Agenda

6A Children and Youth Services Update
7A LPL Strategic Alliances Assumptions and Guiding Principles
7B Annual Agenda
7C Signing Authority
8A Events of Interest
8B Draft February Agenda
8C Friends Report to Board of Control
8D Good Government Act
8G Letter from Sheree Mahood, Ministry of Training Colleges & Universities
8H Family Literacy Day January 30

January Minutes

February 2010

February Agenda (note: Public session will start at approximately 6 pm following an in-camera session)

6A Friends of the London Public Library Donation
7A Access to Information and Privacy Policy
8A Events of Interest
8B Draft Agenda March 26, 2010
8C Historic Sites Committee December Minutes

February Minutes

March 2010

March Agenda

7A Strategic Alliances Policy (pdf)
7B Balanced Score Card Report 4th Quarter 2009 (pdf)
7C Museum London Artwork (pdf)
7D Governance Task Force Update (pdf)
8A Events (pdf)
8B Draft Agenda April 22, 2010 Meeting (pdf)
8C Correspondence from Vito Norejko (pdf)

March Minutes

April 2010

April Agenda

7A Collections Management Policy
7B 2011 LPL Budget Guiding Principles
7C Governance Task Force Response
8A Events of Interest
8B Draft May Agenda
8C Historic Sites Committee Minutes Feb.3, 2010
8D Letter from C Saunders regarding 2010 Operating Budget
8E Service Based Budget Format 2011 and Beyond

April Minutes

May 2010

May Agenda

7A Balanced Scorecard Report 1st Quarter, 2010
7B 2011 LPL Operating Budget Update
7C Financial Update Final Audited 2009 Financial Statements
7D Financial Statements to April 30,2010
7E Employment Resource Centres Service Agreement Extension
7F Southern Ontario Library Service SOLS Trustee Council meeting
8A Events of Interest
8B Regulars to Miss Tiny Library, LFP, May 7, 2010 (paper version only)
8C London PL’s Solar Power Project, Ontario Snapshot, OLA Access, Spring, 2010 (paper version only)
8D What are London’s Most Checked Out Library Books, London Citylife, May, 2010 (paper version only)
8E Draft Agenda June 24, 2010
8F CNIB Library Partners Program
8G Internet - Communications From Media (paper version only)

May Minutes

June 2010

June Agenda

6B London Public Library Friends Donation
7A London Public Library Policy Framework Update
7B Means Policies Services Lending Services
7D 2011 LPL Budget Targets and Timelines
7E Harmonized Sales Tax
7F Workplace Violence and Harrassment Prevention
7G Summer Authority
8A Events of Interest
8B September 23rd, 2010 Draft Agenda

June Minutes

August 2010

Agenda, August 10th, 2010

7A -LPL 2011 Operating Budget
7B - LPL 2011 Capital Budget with Forecasts for 2012-2020
7C - North London Community Recreation Centre YMCA and Library
8A - Events of Interest to Library Board Members
8B - Letter from Margaret McGrory Executive Director CNIB
8D - North London Community Centre
8E - Letter to Friends of LPL on the Occassion of the 5th Anniversary of the Library Store

August Minutes

September 2010
Agenda, September 23, 2010

7A 2010 - 2013 LPL Strategic Plan Draft
7B Policy Development and Review
7C Fines and Fees Policy: Assumptions and Guiding Principles
7D Financial Update: Financial Statements up to August 31, 2010
7E LPL 2009 Fund Development

7G Balanced Scorecard Report, 2nd Quarter
7H Staff Training: Practicalities

7I Ratification of Summer Business

8A Events of Interest
8B Draft Agenda, October 2010
8C Letter from C Saunders
8D Letter from C Saunders

September Minutes

October 2010

Agenda, October 28, 2010

7A Strategic Plan 2010-2013 - to be distributed
7B Monetary Charges Policy
7C Policy Review
7D Libro Library Road Show Summer Events and TD Summer Reading Club
7E Lambeth Branch Library Capital Renewal Project
7F Naming of the Northeast Branch Library
7G Plaque to recognize The Farmers Advocate
8A Events of Interest
8B Draft Agenda November 25, 2010
8C Correspondence from Sherree Mahood
8D Correspondence from B. Westlake Power
8E Historic Sites Minutes

October Minutes

November 2010

Agenda November 4, 2010

Tender 101 Project BB2010 Beacock and Byron Library Repairs
Minutes November 4, 2010

Agenda November 25th, 2010

7A 2011 Budget - verbal
7B Internet Service Policy Annual Review

7C Policy Review
7D Balanced Score Card Report 3rd Quarter 2010
8A Events of Interest
8B Regulation of Smoking Infront of Entrances to Public Buildings
8C December 16, 2010 Draft Agenda

November 25 Minutes

December 2010

Agenda December 16, 2010

10A Strategic Plan Year One Annual Plan
10B Year End Budget Recommendation
10C Health and Safety Commitment Statement Annual Review
10D Hours of Service
10E Board Meeting Schedule 2011
10F Committee Appointments 2011
10G Ontario Library Association Conference
10H 2011 Operating Budget
11A Events of Interest
11B Draft Agenda - January 27, 2011

December Minutes


All reports are in pdf format unless otherwise noted. If you cannot view these documents, download Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may also view copies of all reports available at all library locations.