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Board Reports 2007 - 2008

January 2007
2007 Budget
Committee Appointments
Knowledge Ontario
LPL Service Excellence Model
LPL Service Excellence Appendix
Means Policies
Policy: Financial Management for Fund Development
Policy: Intellectual Freedom

February 2007
2006 BSC Projects
2006 BSC Projects: appendix 1
2006 BSC Projects: appendix 2
2007 Project Priorities
2007 Project Priorities: appendix 1
2007 Project Priorities: appendix 2
Events of Interest to Board Members
Historic Sites Plaque
Means Policies
Means Policies - Authority for the Summer
Means Policies - Delegations
Means Policies - Diversity
Means Policies - Financial Management
Means Policies - Friends
Means Policies - Race Relations

March 2007
Signage and Branding
Board Event Calendar
Human Resources and Organizational Development
Pond Mills Branch Facelift

April 2007
Board Events Calendar
Financial Statement
Friends Donation
Services to Socially Excluded Londoners

May 2007
Audited Financial Statements
BSC Report
BSC Report Appendix
Event Calendar
Historic Sites
Historic Sites Strategic Plan
Internet Policy
Sustainability Project

June 2007
Budget 2008
Budget 2008 Appendix I
Budget 2008 Appendix II
Event Calendar

September 2007
Delegation Policy and Process
Financial Statements
Financial Statements Appendix
Friends Donation
Internet Policy Review Monitoring
Internet Policy Review Project Background
Marketing Update
Service Excellence

October 2007
2008 Sustainability Business Case
Sustainability Board Report Cover
BSC Metrics
BSC Metrics Appendix I
BSC Metrics Appendix II
BSC Metrics Appendix III
Budget 2008
Budget 2008 Appendix
Central Library Service Model & Space Plan
Northeast Community Centre & Public Library

November 2007
Internet Filtering Report
Internet Filtering Report App. A
Internet Filtering Report App. B
Internet Filtering Report App. C
Internet Filtering Report App. D
(Available in hard copy only at Central Administration. Contact Jan White 519-661-5145 for a copy.)
Internet Filtering Report App. E
Internet Filtering Report App. F
Internet Filtering Powerpoint Presentation
Accessibility for Library Users with Disabilities Policy Recommendation
Accessibility for Library Users with Disabilities Policy
Community Engagement
Delegation Policy Cover Report
Delegation Policy
Draft December Agenda

December 2007
BSC Metrics
BSC Metrics Appendix A
Board Meeting Schedule 2008
Budget Year End Recommendations
Committee and Other Appointments 2008
Delegation Policy
Delegation Policy Report
Imagine Campaign Annual Appeal
Imagine Campaign Appendix A
Museum London Artwork

January 2008
Anonymous Letter
BSC Project Priorities 2007
BSC Project Priorities Picture 2007
Darrel Skidmore Tribute
Draft Agenda February 2007
Events of Interest
Historic Sites Committee Minutes
Jean Dorey Letter
Library Development Charges Study 2008: Overview
Review of LPL Sustainability Case: Old East Village Community Association
Sam Trosow Letter
Service Excellence Model - Literacy: SRP and Summer Read Report

February 2008
BSC Project Priorities 2008
BSC Fourth Quarter Cover Report
BSC Fourth Quarter
Events of Interest
Fund Development
Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness Update
Library Development Charges (DC) Review 2008: Capital Project Submissions
Press Clippings
Draft Agenda March 2008

March 2008
2008 Information Technology Projects
AskON Virtual Reference Report
Events of Interest
Friends of the Library Donation
Historic Sites Minutes January 2008
Letter from Daisy Wright
Draft Agenda April 2008
Press Clippings

April 2008
Business Continuity Plan Cover Report
Business Continuity Plan Policy
Employment Resource Centres: Service Agreement
Events of Interest
Financial Statements
Financial Statements Trust Funds
Fund Development Update - Reading Garden
May Draft Agenda
Southern Ontario Library Service Trustee Council

May 2008
Board Delegation Cover Report
Board Delegation Policy
Carson Branch Library
Financial Statement Report
Financial Statements
Historic Sites Minutes
June Agenda DRAFT
Library Mobile
Marketing Update
Museum London
Northeast Branch

June 2008
BSC Report
BSC Metrics Report
Budget 2009
Bylaw Amendment - Election of Officers
Delegation Request - Sam Trosow
Events of Interest
Fund Development Report - Imagine Campaign
Fund Development Report - Appendix A
Public Computer Use and Internet Access Policy Update
River Project
September Agenda Draft
Summer Authority

September 2008
BSC Report 2nd Quarter
BSC Metrics Report 2nd Quarter
Blackout Challenge Letter to Mayor
Board Trustee Position Description
Delegations and Public Participation Policy Cover Report
Delegations and Public Participation Policy
Events of Interest
Financial Statements to August 31, 2008 Cover Report
Financial Statements to August 31, 2008 Appendix
Financial Update Tangible Capital Assets
Financial Update 2009 Operating and Capital Budgets
Financial Update 2009 Operating and Capital Budgets: Appendix I
Financial Update 2009 Operating and Capital Budgets: Appendix II
Letter from Jo Deslippe
LIS Scholars at Work by Samuel E. Trosow
October 15 Agenda, Draft
Ontario Public Library Week Celebrations
Ratification of Summer Business
Strategic Plan Status Cover Report
Strategic Plan Status Table

October 2008 
Accessibility Plan for 2009
Accessibility Plan - Appendix D
Award Winning Projects - Rotary Reading Garden
Board Executive Formation of Ad Hoc Committee
Events of Interest
Library Board Response to Governance Task Force Recommendation
Library Settlement Project
November Agenda, Draft

November 2008
Corporate Kilometrage Rate
December Agenda, draft
Delegations and Public Participation Policy
Events of Interest
Federation of Ontario Public Libraries - Advocacy
Internet Service Research Report - Open Source Filtering
Letter re: Library Board Appointment
LPL Internet Service Policy (under implementation)
Ontario Public Library Week - Review
Western Fair Media Release

December 2008
BSC Report 3rd Quarter 2008
BSC Metrics Report 3rd Quarter 2008
2008 Year End Budget Recommendation
Budget Report 2009
Budget 2009, draft
Committee Appointments 2009
Events of Interest
Historic Sites Minutes October 8, 2008
January 2009 Agenda, draft
Libro Library Road Show
Service Excellence - Children's and Youth Servces Update
Schedule Board Meetings 2009

All reports are in pdf format unless otherwise noted. Copies of all reports are available at all library locations. To request a copy of a report, contact: Jan White - Executive Assistant (519) 661-5145