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London Public Library is not accepting donations of books at this time

About Donating Materials

About Donating Materials

Your Library is pleased to receive your donations of gently used books and other materials. Donated items may be added to our collection or may be directed to the Friends of the Library to sell at their Annual Book Sale or in the Library Store at the downtown Central Branch.

How to Donate

Small numbers of donations may be dropped off at any branch location. Please contact the Friends of the Library at 519-661-2448 or for information about donating larger volumes of materials.

Criteria for Donating Materials

When you're thinking about donating material, please consider whether it meets the following criteria.

We are unable to use:

  • books with broken bindings or pages, or sections missing
  • mouldy, damp books
  • books marked with highlighter or pen
  • paperbacks with yellowed or brittle pages
  • books with outdated information (e.g., health, law, computer or business books more than 2 years old)
  • encyclopedia sets or textbooks more than 5 years old
  • vinyl records
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • old news magazines
  • any material copied from originals
  • computer software

We can use:

  • gently used, recently published books
  • adult, young adult, and children’s books
  • paperbacks and hardcovers
  • regular print and large print
  • bestsellers and recently published fiction & nonfiction
  • classics (in excellent condition please)
  • non-English language materials
  • newer popular magazines
  • recent National Geographic magazines
  • non-print materials
  • CDs, (please: no scratches)
  • DVDs
  • videos & cassettes

Have a Question?

We are happy to advise you! For more information, contact your local branch, or call our Telefact information line at 519-661-4600.