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What are Talking Books?
  • full-length recordings of popular fiction and non-fiction books on compact disc
  • wide selection including bestsellers, classics, popular fiction, romance, mysteries, westerns as well as nonfiction
  • located in the Visiting Library Service offices of the Central Library
  • produced and distributed by non-commercial organizations such as the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) for the exclusive use of individuals who are print-disabled.  For access to the CELA library collection, please visit their website at
Do I need special equipment?

Talking books on compact disc are in the proprietary DAISY format and require free software to play on a computer or a special reading machine. DAISY discs may be played on a computer disc drive, newer CD players or Victor Readers, which may be borrowed for limited time periods.

Who is eligible?

To comply with Canadian law, access to Talking Books is restricted to residents of the City of London who have an inability to use standard printed materials because of perceptual, physical or learning impairment. Eligibility is defined by the Canadian Copyright Act and can include reasons such as blindness, neuromuscular diseases or dyslexia.

How do I receive Talking Books?

Print disabled clients can request DAISY books from the Visiting Library, as they would from any other branch collection. Eligible customers are welcome to visit and browse the selection of titles. The collection is also accessible from any location via the library catalogue and eligible library users may place holds via computer for pickup at any location. Monthly home delivery is also available within the city limits for those who are homebound and unable to get to the library via the Visiting Library service.

Visiting Library Service
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London, ON
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