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Computers and Internet: Computer Use Guidelines

Computer Use Guidelines

1. Computers are available during hours when Library facilities are open, subject to periodic maintenance. The Library reserves the right to dedicate computers for specific purposes and to enforce time limits on use. Computer use ends 5 minutes before Library closing.

2. A valid London Public Library borrower’s card is needed to access many computers. Patrons must use their own card to reserve or access these computers. Patrons may be asked by staff to show their cards or additional identification.

3. Users may not remove or adjust privacy devices from computer workstations.

4. Users are expected to have a basic knowledge of computers to use these workstations. Staff can provide information on training, tutorials and other resources for beginners.

5. Users may share a computer provided this is not disruptive to other patrons.

6. Only Library installed and supported software may be used on computers.

7. Uploading from and downloading to portable storage devices is available at some workstations. Patrons are responsible for protecting their personal data and ensuring the proper operation of their devices. The Library is not responsible for loss of data or damage to personal equipment resulting from the use of Library computers.

8. Users may borrow Computer accessories for set loan periods for use in the Library. Failure to return these items in good condition will result in items being billed to the borrower’s account.

9. Headphones must be worn when using computer audio.

10. Upon special request, printing by staff may be available at an extra cost. Patrons may not use their own paper in Library printers. Printing and downloading to portable storage devices should begin 30 minutes before Library closing time. Print jobs are held in the print queue for 120 minutes.

11. Users must close all programs and Internet sites and log off before leaving the workstation at the end of their sessions.

12. Use of computer workstations is conditional upon the user’s agreement to observe London Public Library’s policies and guidelines. Failure to comply may result in loss of Library privileges, exclusion from the Library for a period of time, and prosecution.
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