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Volunteering FAQs

Volunteering F.A.Q.’s
How do I apply?
  • Have a look at the "Become a Volunteer" page
  • Register for one of our Information’s Session
  • After attending the session you will receive a link for our online application
  • If you need assistance with applying, any branch staff will be able to assist you
How long before I start?

After you apply, we will contact you about the next steps*. These steps can often take several months. Keep an eye on our Future Volunteer Opportunities which will let you know approximately when you might start i.e. We are recruiting for Fall

*If there are positions available, references and a brief interview and a Police Record Check will be required before you can begin volunteering. Training workshops are required for all positions. We'll tell you all about these steps when we contact you.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers at the Library help us to serve the people who use our services. Our volunteers really enjoy helping people and are enthusiastic, friendly and confident. Many of our volunteers speak a second language in addition to English. Volunteers do not organize or put away books.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You can apply to volunteer once you are 14 years old.

I'm a High School Student, how many hours can I earn?

It depends on the position and your schedule, but most volunteers earn a few hours each month if they volunteer regularly.

Why do I need a Police Record Check?

London Public Library requires a Police Record Check for all of our volunteers 18+. The Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) is restricted to applicants 18+ who are seeking employment and/or volunteering with youth or a vulnerable person, which could include fellow volunteers.

What else should I know about the Check?

There will be a $15 fee to have the PVSC done. The Library staff will make the process as simple as possible.  This includes letting you know what kind of identification you’ll need.

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