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Fall cleaning...already?

I’ve been to meaning to clean out the garage for a while now (alright, sixteen years) but something about the fall always rekindles that yearning for a sense of order, the satisfaction of knowing that all-things-summer are safely stowed away, before we hunker down for winter.

But where to start?

This is what keeps most of us from ever beginning. These days, however, organization is a kind of art form and everyone has something to offer, from Martha Stewart  --- just type in garage on her search box for over 50 entries --- to the Weather network . Major home improvement centers such as Canadian Tire and Rona  and storage experts like IKEA  and Lee Valley can inspire you online, so that you can plan and assess your needs at home.

If you prefer to do your planning from the couch, there are also many library books to help. Type in “storage in the home” as a subject or just “garages” if you are looking at our online catalog .

And did you know?

Magazines can be checked out just like books at London Public Library’s branch locations and they are often full of great ideas for storage solutions, decorating etc.

If money is tight try these options:

Recycle what you already have. Sherie Le Masurier has written a very helpful article  online with emphasis on low budget storage solutions for the garage. Canadian RD also has some helpful words about de-cluttering the garage and storing athletic equipment. And speaking of recycling, don’t forget the Goodwill  if you now have duplicates of tools, outgrown sportswear or anything else that can have a second life elsewhere. The City of London provides an excellent resource for recycling options such as old bbq’s, batteries, metals etc.

Once the garage has been reclaimed, imagine the possibilities! You may even have a brand new place to put the car. :>