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Google ... it's more than a search engine

Welcome to the “Living with Technology” blog!

I’m thrilled to be the first poster for this blog and look forward to reading all the other posts that follow. Technology has always been a bit of an addiction for me. I often find myself wandering around stores like Future Shop or reading a gadget blog to see what’s new, and wondering if these things would make my life easier or just more complicated. (Usually the latter, but sometimes I get lucky!).

A favourite online gadget of mine is Google Calendar. This is a free web application created by the inventive folks that brought us the Google search engine. They like to keep things simple while ramping up functionality. This is tough to do, but they do it well. If your family life or social life requires you to check with various other folks before committing to an activity or appointment, Google Calendar might just help you out. You can create an online calendar and invite others to view or edit it. This application also works well for groups and teams. Any number of people can view, add entries, and collaborate on projects regardless of their location. My husband travels, and he can check the calendar from wherever he happens to be to see what we’ll all be doing on the weekend. It’s free and you can keep your calendar private or share it with others. Take a look at Google Calendar and let me know what you think. If you already know about it and have a nifty application to share, please do!