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Autumn Gardening

Well gardeners, it’s that time of year again!  Whether we like it or not, it’s time to start thinking about readying our gardens for the “W” season (I just can’t bring myself to say that word yet).  It’s been such a glorious autumn that thinking about this is almost painful, but if we want our gardens to be even better next year…and what gardener doesn’t?, we have to do a few things. 

What I like to do at this time of year, is to wander around my garden armed with a pen and notebook (let’s face it, this is a serious business!) and record what I think needs to be changed:  where the bare spots are and what I might add, whether something would look better (or do better) elsewhere, or which serious failures should simply be removed and given away!  I have come to accept that I will never have a fabulous flower garden – I just don’t have enough sun for beautiful zinnias or roses or clematis or… (I should stop before I upset myself).   I can have other beautiful things though and this winter I will sit down with the many, many books I bring home from the library on a regular basis and plot out a new strategy for spring!  Some of the books I have found to be useful in planning are readily available at any London Public Library, and I will provide a partial list for you below.

One thing I have learned the hard (and expensive) way is that it is best to do some homework and go with a list to the nursery in the spring.   To this end I am making a list of what pots I own, where I want to place them next year, and which plants did well this year that I should buy again next year! One great idea I heard this year, and will steal for next year, is to buy inexpensive tropical plants like palm trees and place them around your patio – instant exotica!   So, good luck thinking and dreaming and planning for next year, and I hope some of these titles and web sites help you in your quest for a great garden!


Design in the GardenDesign in the Garden:  Inspiration, design, structure
Author: Barth, Ursula  
Call # 712.6 Bar

Web sites:  - this site also provides useful links.  - this site has tons of interesting ideas and information.