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Media Literacy... What is it?

The media. It’s here, there and everywhere. Owned by a few yet enjoyed by all.

What exactly is THE MEDIA? Well, we have television, billboards, radio, newspapers, movies, magazines, books, music, video games, animation, Internet, iPods, podcasts, video podcasts, cell phones, zines, blogs, wikis, taxis. Yes, I am including taxis… they now have advertisements inside and out.

What does this all equal? We are exposed to over 300 advertisements and messages in one day. More people in Mexico own a television than have a toilet, cell phones outnumber people in Taiwan and Luxembourg, and the USA has more computers than the next 7 countries combined.

The important thing is being aware of the media around us and being able to critically analyze it. For starters, you can come to library to find some books on the topic, better yet, attend one of the many programs coming in November for Media Education Week.