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Curious about meditation?

In the past, meditation was seen only as a practice of eastern religions but it has become a popular technique in the west since the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced Transcendental Meditation to the west in the late 1950’s. Now there are many techniques, including Vipassana Meditation that you can study. Millions of people practice some form of meditation every day.

Have you wanted to try meditation but dismissed it because you thought you would never be able to master it? It isn’t necessary to clear the mind of all thoughts for meditation to be beneficial. The books and cd’s listed below can help you develop a practice that works for you. Not only does meditation help to calm and relax you but there is evidence that it can lower blood pressure, decrease anxiety and even lead to greater job satisfaction. When practicing meditation I feel a deep rest, and enjoy more happiness and life satisfaction.

I would highly recommend Pema Chodron’s books and tapes, as well as the website of her monastery, Gampo Abbey  which is located in Nova Scotia.

Available at LPL:

The TM Technique: An Introduction to Transcendental Meditation and the Teaching of the Maharisha Mahesh Yogi

Peter Russell



Buddhist Meditation for Beginners (Compact Disc)
Jack Kornfeld



Finding the Still Point: A Beginner’s Guide to Zen Meditation with instruction CD
John Daidi Loori



The Meditator’s Atlas: A roadmap of the inner world
Matthew Flickstein



Catching the Big Fish: meditation, consciousness and creativity
David Lunch



Walking Meditation (Compact Disc)
Anh Huong Nguyen