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Is that an intaglio or a lithograph?

I first became interested in prints and printmaking when I worked at the Landon Branch Library. Landon regularly displays art exhibits featuring the work of students taught by a local artist at the BealArt program.
Over the last few years, I have learned bits and pieces about printmaking and its history from him. I never appreciated the complexity and skill required nor was aware of the variety of printmaking techniques that exist before I met this teacher and his students.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “That’s not a real print” and wondered what the speaker meant? Or heard someone say “That’s an intaglio or a lithograph” and wondered “A what?” We have added a new book to our collection entitled, “How to Identify Prints” by Bamber Gascoigne.

He provides a brief history of printmaking and then delves into the kinds of prints that exist and how they are made. As his goal is not to discuss artistic merit but to help you identify different prints, he provides a list of “Keys to Identification” – clues to look for when investigating a print.

Prints and printmaking is a fascinating world. If you’d like to explore it, check out “How to Identify Prints” and you’ll be amazed at its complexity. And next time you hear about a Beal Art Show exhibit, check it out. I know I’ll be there!