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Lost in the Forest

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Well, I have; I’ll admit it! This is how I chose to read Lost in the Forest by Sue Miller. The cover caught my eye.



A woman is lying on a sofa (made of some nice upholstery that is comfy looking) with her head turned slightly. You can only see her neck and part of her chin. She’s wearing a pale beige/peach coloured, filmy dress. I thought “this is a cool cover I’m going to read it”. It is so nice when the book ends up being good read after choosing it for its cover! I’ve done this with another book called Touched by Carolyn Haines …but that’s another blog entry.

Lost in the Forest is set in northern California, in the wine country. The novel follows Eva, Mark and their troubled daughter Daisy. There are two other children in the family but their characters are only touched upon. Eva and Mark are divorced. The story begins with Mark receiving a call from Emily, his eldest daughter. There is an emergency and he needs to go and pick up his daughters immediately. Oddly, this also includes Eva’s son from her second husband. Mark then finds out that Eva’s second husband John was killed in a car accident and that Eva was falling apart.

As the author moves from Mark, to Eva, to Daisy, we get a glimpse of how the death of John has affected these three people. For Mark, it is an opportunity to win back Eva’s affections while she is vulnerable and needy. For Eva, it is a chance to relive good memories of her marriage to Mark and celebrate the life she had with John. For Daisy however, it is a time to withdraw from her family, and resent their ability to move on with their lives. Daisy then turns to a much older married man in her efforts to feel alive.

I really enjoyed reading Lost in the Forest. It is a fine example of a solid fictional novel. We have 14 copies in our catalogue!

It just goes to show you that you can judge a good book by its cover after all.