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Reading on the Go

One of the misconceptions that people hold about library employees is that we get to read on the job. Unfortunately, this is not true. You may see us reading, but it’s not a juicy mystery or the latest Oprah pick . More likely it’s a book about books, the latest research or industry news, or a great item we’re skimming so we can recommend it to people like you.

Since we’re not doing our pleasure reading on the job, we have to get creative and cram our reading into any pockets of time we can find in our daily lives. One way I’ve managed to do this is by reading while I drive. Please don’t freak out – I’m not actually holding a book and reading while I drive! I use audio books and let someone else read to me. Remember being read to when you were a child? Well, it was great then and it still is. Only now you can be read to by the likes of Lynne Redgrave , and a host of other talented readers.

There are a few different ways you can get these audio books. The library has books on compact disc that will work in your CD player at home or in the car. We also have MP3 CD audio books. These work in the newer CD players that can play this format and are great for importing into iTunes  so you can listen on your iPod. Most recently, the library launched a free online download service  so you can download audio books to your computer at home or work. These audio books can be transferred to your MP3 player so you can listen while you work out, walk, ride the bus, wait for that never ending train to pass, or my favourite, slog through the housework.

So, if you keep wishing you had more time to read, rediscover the pleasure of a great story being told by a wonderful storyteller ,and give audio books a try. They are great for family road trips too! And, if you have any favourite readers or a unique way you use audio books, tell us about it.