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Garden Sculpture

During the winter months, instead of just watching television (like I usually do), I am planning to gather some garden craft ideas for the spring. I have a group of friends who are also (fairly) avid gardeners and we like to get together to create some kind of craft now and again. Actually, it’s just a pretence to get together to gab, eat and drink, but surprisingly, we often end up making something worthwhile! This year my plan is to force them all into agreeing to make something out of a mixture called hypertufa.

The recipe for hypertufa sounds pretty do-able, the things you can make look fantastic, and the whole thing looks so easy (how’s that for a pitch?…think they’ll bite?) that I can’t wait to try it. I have seen pictures of stepping stones made with giant rhubarb leaves (and I bet that giant hosta leaves would be great too), bird baths, fountains, basins to hold candles or plants and…you get the picture. Here are a couple of wonderful sites for recipes, ideas and best of all, pictures!! Remember to scroll down once you are in the site: 

The Basics - Hypertufa 101

The Artistic Editor

Some ideas:
Place some interesting looking rocks along with some earth and hens & chicks inside. You could partially sink it into your garden bed.
You could make a series of basins (always keep it in odd numbers, 3, 5, 7) and place them among your flowers with large candles in them for evening parties. You could make two and set one upside down and place the second one on top to create a bird bath (or a planter).  Doesn’t that sound easy and look like fun!? Remember to put a hole in the bottom using a wooden dowel if you want to use it for plants. And remember not to if you want it to hold water! before it sets. Scrub the surface of your new pot with a wire brush to create texture and to facilitate the growth of moss.

For more fantastic ideas ideas on the fabulous things you can create, visit these websites:

What is Hypertufa?

Island Garden Design

Hypertufa Pots

book cover for Garden Sculptures


A great book that you can obtain from the library (which also contains some really advanced designs and recipes for garden sculptures) is:

Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden