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Do It Yourself disaster

Many home renovation shows currently popular on television feature do-it-yourself disasters. Many of these start as a simple project that escalates into something bigger because, once a wall is opened or  floor is lifted, often unpleasant surprises appear that need to be repaired or replaced. We all know someone (and maybe it's you!) who has found themselves in this situation. A friend of mine set out on a simple weekend project to replace a few loose tiles around the bathtub and ended up uncovering extensive rot from water damage. She ended up with an entirely new bathroom.

So, for big projects you may need to call in the pros and apply for a permit. Visit the City of London website's Guide for Homeowners  to discover which home renovation projects require permits, which ones do not and to learn about the application process.

We have some great books for small do it yourself projects that, fingers crossed, will not lead to a bigger project. These are projects that may be completed in a few hours or days and are great for those of us who are not handy enough to undertake a large construction project but are capable of installing new taps or caulking a bathtub.

Some titles we have are:

book cover image

The Tuff Chix Guide to Easy Home improvement [great projects from fixing faucets to laying tile]
Paige Hemmis




Book cover image

Chix can fix : 100 home-improvement projects and true tales from the diva of do-it-yourself
Norma Vally



book cover image

The ultimate home and property maintenance manual
Joe Beck



So if you are tired of listening to that tap drip or looking at that peeling linoleum, check out one of these titles and good luck! If you have any books or websites to recommend - or diy stories to share - post it here by adding a comment below.