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Simplifying Christmas

Love Christmas but want to enjoy it instead of running yourself ragged? Lots of people have stepped back a few paces and really looked at what's important to do and what's not. Seriously, if you work full time do you have time to bake and make your own cards?

Some people love to do crafts and decorate, some love to bake or host a big dinner. What's important is to do things you enjoy and to share the season with your loved ones. You're not alone in wanting to take the focus off consumerism and keep it simple. You don't have to do it all, despite the hype we are bombarded with at this time of year.

You can create simple traditions and rituals with your children that don't cost a lot and that they'll remember as family time. Here are some ideas: start an annual Christmas skating or sledding outing; watch a particular movie every year; make a gift for grandparents; take a walk to view your neighbours' Christmas lights; make the Christmas card mailout a family event by sitting down together to do it.

As for food and parties, think about a pot luck for a family get together. If you have a huge extended family maybe folks would be open to the idea of a finger food party instead of the huge turkey dinner. Save the turkey dinner for immediate family. Isn't getting together and enjoying the party what's important? Remember, Martha Stewart has staff helping her put on her perfect, magazine-spread Christmas!

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