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Zines - who knew a photocopier and stapler could bring me such joy?

So, many of you probably know what a zine is but for those who don't it is a self made publication that usually contains the thoughts and opinions of the creator(s) and is reproduced using a photocopier and stapler. There are zines dedicated to bands, personal stories, lit, art, grrls, social justice, nutrition, rights... the list goes on.

The important thing is that the zine is still alive.

If you make a zine and want to share it with people, you can drop them off on the second floor of the library – there are a few zines here already up for tradzies or for someone to just take a look.

If you want to know more about zines I have favourite places to send you.  First - of course, is the library where you can pick up Whatcha Mean What's a Zine or to check out Broken Pencil's Website.  This should get you started.  I also heard that there was going to be a store selling zines coming to London.  I'll keep you updated if I hear more.