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So you've been called for a job interview...Great! Now What!

So you've been called for an interview... Great!  Now What?

These are some hints on how to increase your chances of landing that job once you have been called in for an interview.

You should always do some background research into the company or organization.  Consider the following,

  1. View the company website to find out more information on products or services offered
  2. Request an annual report or other literature
  3. Resources such as "The Blue Book of Canadian Business" or "Scott's Directories" and other like publications are excellent sources of company information

For a related article on this subject, please review    "Researching a Company"

Dressing appropriately for the interview is important.  Normally business casual is acceptable, never wear jeans or sweats.  You want to make a good first impression.  Along with this, ensure that you are well groomed.  For other helpful hints, please visit     "How to Dress for an Interview"

Be on time for your interview.  There is nothing more annoying to an interviewer than to have the potential employee show up late for their appointment.  If an emergency arises, be sure to contact the interviewer as soon as possible to reschedule.

Body language plays an important role in determining the success of an interview,

  1. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s)
  2. Ensure you have had a good night sleep the night before as you will want to be looking alert, and maintain a good posture
  3. If the opportunity presents itself, shake hands with the interviewer and introduce yourself to them

To avoid interruptions during the interview, turn off your cell phone, pager, or other gadgets you may have with you that would cause a distraction.

Your interview may consist of just you and one other person or it could involve a panel of two or more interviewers.  No matter how many there are, following some of the above steps will get you on the right track and prepare you well for your upcoming interview.

For other resources, please check out some of the books that London Public Library has on job interviewing:

book cover image


"I Can't Believe They Asked Me That : 101 Tips and Techniques to Quickly Prepare for a Tough Job Interview"



book cover image


"Win the Interview, Win the Job"