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My favourites

I wasn't sure what I was going to post here this time so I decided to keep it simple. I told myself  just talk about some of my all time favourite books. Books that I think are amazing reads, can't put em' downers. Those sorts of books. No need for long reviews... just a list and my opinion.  So here goes.

Plague Tales by Ann Benson. I relished this book so much so I made my co-workers read it and THEY loved it too! It has two parallel stories in it; one set in the 14th century and the other in the 21st century. The heroes of the story (one male and one female) confront the bubonic plague at these two different points in time. You won't be able to put it down! Oh, and it has a sequel you'll want to read too. It's called The Burning Road.



Into the Forest by Jean Hegland. What a great book! Jen and Eva are sisters who know about the war overseas. As time passes the effects of the war on their lives grow more and more obvious. So good.



So far the two I've suggested are pegged as Science Fiction and you know, I typically don't read science fiction. But these titles are quite simply put, not your typical sci fi books. So don't judge these books by the genre!


Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Many of you who are reading this blog have likely already read this book but how could I not mention it? It's fabulous; and what baffles and amazes me at the same time is it was written by a male author! The voice of Chiyo and her life as a geisha in the 30's was captured perfectly on each page of this novel. Don't miss this one. I want to re-read it ... it's that good.



Clara Callan by Richard B. Wright. Canadian author ey? This book (sorry no book image available) was so good it makes me sigh with I think of it. It's the type of book you are sad to finish. Aren't those the best? Clara and her sister are very different. Clara stays put in an Ontario small town while her sister leads an interesting life in New York city. It's set in the 1930's . Once again, a male author's ability to capture the voice of these women astounds me. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Wright when he came to do a reading at the Central library in the fall. Hopefully he'll come again!

I'll stop here. I'll save some more fav's for next time. Please feel free to post your favourites here. I would love to here your recommendations too!