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Cooking for your family

One of the many hurtles working parents face each day is what to serve their families for supper. Providing a nutritional meal can become a chore and almost an impossibility when it has to be done F-A-S-T! My kids are always hungry when they get home from school and boy, supper needs to be on the table but quick, or the grumpiness emerges. One of my speedy meals is the President's Choice thin crust pizza. It is ready in 8 minutes (yes! 8 minutes) and it's delicious. I always add a few extra toppings that we enjoy but you don't have to and it still tastes great. Luckily, my kids like raw veggies so I cut up peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, add some dip and one supper finished fast. We usually have eggs for supper once a week as well. Omelettes are quck and good for you.

The library has some wonderful books on cooking for the family. Here are a few that may help alleviate the 'fast-food' situation each day.

The Family Dinner: cooking for the rushedby Sandi Richard



Just in Time!: all-new 30-minute meals, plus super-fast 15-minute meals and slow-it-down 60 minute meals by Rachael Ray



Nigella express: good food fast, good food fast, good food fastby Nigella Lawson




Try these links for some great ideas on fast meals. You will find lots of information here!

Do you have any quick meal ideas? Share them with us!