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Copyright or Copywrong?

Why has copyright become such an important issue to so many people?  Why should you or I care?  Flickr, iPods, Youtube, DVDs, MP3 players - the way we use new technology could be at risk through more controlled Digital Rights Management (DRM).   We may also lose the ability to use copyright material for personal use, teaching or other reasons that were protected under the Fair Dealing Provisions.  Professor Sam Trosow, co-author of the newly released book, Canadian Copyright: A Citizen's Guide, will share his thought on the current state of Canadian copyright law, as well as the prospects for a new bill this year on January 10th at the Central Library in the Second Floor Reading Lounge. 

Here is a bit of what Sam Trosow has to say about the subject:

In December 2007 the government was set to table a new revision to the Copyright Act of Canada. But an unexpected tide of opposition to what was characterized as the Canadian Digital Millennium Copyright Act, including over 20,000 people signing on to a Facebook Group to oppose new legislation, has resulted in the government holding back on introducing the bill. It is expected to be tabled in the new year after Parliament reconvenes in late January. While the government faces increasing pressure from the United States to rewrite copyright laws to favour the interests of copyright owners, more and more users of information goods, (librarians, students, artists, teachers and researchers) are becoming concerned with the issue as well.

Check out Professor Trosow's website for more information.