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Happy Healthy Holidays

Well it's Holiday Time and that always means lots and lots of food...most of it made with lots and lots of butter and sugar... not to mention the appetizers, the gravy, the stuffing get the picture. So what's a person to do!!??  Most of us eat too much and don't move around enough anyway, and now this! Again!!

Winter is hard for me; I love eating and drinking and sitting inside by the fire, rewarding myself for having to go outside at all! And the whole idea of walking around in the freezing cold exercising is too horrible to contemplate, but something has to be done to avoid gaining 20 pounds and requiring bypass surgery by spring! A strategy is needed, and it involves the word compromise.
My goal this year is to be more conscious of what I am eating, of whether or not it is 'worth the calories' (its delicious factor) while remembering how much I am moving around. To many of us the word ‘diet’ means 'deprivation' and it really shouldn’t. It should mean finding a reasonable balance in all the food that you eat, making (mostly) wise choices while leaving room for some fun, because food really is one of life’s great pleasures!

This year I have started having a smoothie every morning which I make with soy beverage, frozen or fresh fruit and a couple of tablespoons of ground flax (lots of omega 3’s and fibre) and it really is good - honest!. I have soup or a salad that I bring with me for lunch most days, and then when people bring in homemade shortbread or various other treats I can have some with my afternoon tea without feeling horribly guilty. A normal dinner - easy on the carbs because of the afternoon cookie(s) keeps me pretty much on track…well that’s the plan.

Parties and get-togethers with friends are meant to be enjoyed, so I just remember to go back to 'normal' the next day. I am trying to make myself go for a walk around the block with my husband most nights -- I do pretty much hate the idea I admit -- but the reality isn't usually as bad as I think it will be, and I have to say that I do feel better when I do. So, that's the plan ...I think it will work, let you know next spring! Meantime, arm yourself with some nutritional facts, don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy the Holidays! 

Here are a few titles that you may find helpful:

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Foods That Fight Cancer



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Nutrition For Dummies



Book Cover:  Fit For Life, Not Fat For Life


Fit For Life, Not Fat For Life



Book Cover:  8 Minutes In The Morning


8 Minutes In The Morning:  A Simple Way To Shed Up To 2 Pounds A Week, Guaranteed