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Happy Healthy New Year

So the New Year has begun and most of us are getting the message that we should relax, accept our normal bodies and not expect the crazy level of physical perfection that is routinely paraded on the fronts of the newsstand glossies. Great. Finally. Now we know that looking perfect isn’t necessary and that we should be focusing on being healthy instead! Magazines and newspapers are full of articles about how to avoid getting all those killer diseases lying in wait for us, but it’s confusing and most of us don’t have enough time to read and synthesize the information that is out there.

Good health is maintained through a good diet, fresh air, exercise and — surprise -- sunshine! Vitamin D has been featured prominently in the media lately.  After years of telling us to stay out of the sun even the Canadian Cancer Society has revised its position on sun exposure!  It seems that some sun is vital for the maintenance of good health and for the avoidance of a host of ailments including osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, tuberculosis and influenza!  While it may not be a magic bullet, it is a really cheap quick fix and you can rest easy, heave a sigh of relief and know that you have started down the path of righteousness or at least blame avoidance.

Nutritionists recommend eating as much natural, real food as possible which means shopping around the perimeter of the grocery store and avoiding the centre of the store where you find the boxed, packaged, synthetic, additive-laden pretend foods which we all know and love. You might still want to eat them sometimes, just try to be conscious of the fact that they aren’t real food and don’t eat them too often. Withdrawing from all that packaged stuff may be a little difficult at first but you will be surprised at how quickly you will start craving apples and carrots rather than chips and pop (really!). You can still have the chips and pop just not every day (maybe not even every week) and there you go down the right path again!

Check out these websites for more information about Vitamin D:

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For more information about food and nutrition, these books are available from the library:


Book Cover Image:  In defense of food:  the myth of nutrition and the pleasures of eatingIn defense of food : the myth of nutrition and the pleasures of eating / Michael Pollan

Book Cover Image:  Cooking with foods that fight cancerCooking with foods that fight cancer / Richard Béliveau, Denis Gingras