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Most library services have returned, including in person Storytimes, study rooms at some locations, The Labs and toys and activities in children's areas.
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What do these 3 questions have in common?

"How do I build a suspension bridge?", "How many people paid income tax in Ontario last year" and "Can you recommend other authors who write like Meg Cabot?"

These are all questions we've answered through our askON virtual reference service. Quicker than sending an email, you can now ask us a question and we’ll help you with the answer simply by typing in a chat box on our website. You don't need a special account, it doesn't cost anything, you don't need to be a technology whiz and it's convenient and easy. We provide help to people of all ages, whether you are a child looking for information for a school project to a senior investigating a health issue.

askON online research help  click here for live chataskON is available Monday through Thursday, from 1pm-8pm and Friday through Sunday 1pm-5pm. It’s easy to find it on our website – just look for this image on the front page of our website and click on it.

askON is closed on regular holidays and when public libraries are normally closed. When the service is closed though, you may still choose to send an email message to us that will receive a response after the library re-opens.

Because askON is staffed by librarians across Ontario, you will still need to telephone us at 519-661-4600 or get in touch with us online to ask questions specifically about your library card or borrowing account.

For more information about our new Ask On service, visit our info page. We look forward to chatting with you soon!