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Rowan rules

Rowan Williams, the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury (not Mr. Bean, that would be Rowan Atkinson) has been called "the most important" and "the best" Christian thinker in the West. He is certainly one of the most controversial. As the head of the Anglican church, he is trying to keep the second largest Christian communion from splitting apart over the subject of same-sex marriage. But when the question was put to him, recently: "Do you think the application of sharia law in certain circumstances is unavoidable?", he indicated his assent.

In spite of the media glare, however, Williams has a reputation for being very pastoral, a shepherd you can talk to. Want to know more about this man of the cloth? Here is the official web site for the archbishop:

And don't forget to check out these books by and about Rowan Williams:

Rowan Williams : an introduction / Rupert Shortt.
Tokens of trust : an introduction to Christian belief / Rowan Williams
Resurrection : interpreting the Easter gospel / Rowan Williams.