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Gaming at the library

You have probably heard friends, acquaintances or even passerbys refer to themselves as "gamers" and may have even heard someone talking about going "gaming" at a friends house over the weekend.  What did they mean? The term "gaming" refers to the practice of playing video games either online with popular interactive games like Runescape (a three dimensional multi-player game) or with a console game system networked to other computers or as a standalone where you play by yourself or with friends and family. The term "gamers" is an abbreviation for "game players" which is used by regular game players. While most games are purchased and played for their entertainment value many education experts are beginning to realize that players are correct when they claim that there are many levels of skill development inherent in playing games.  Depending on the current task in a game a player may be required to solve a puzzle to move forward in the game, work cooperatively with one or more other players to reach a common goal or strategize to find a path to complete an objective or reach a destination.  The game choices that are available are as varied as the players and you can select from role playing games, puzzles, battles, community or city building games, car racing or my favourite - the quest. 

If you are interested in learning about gaming for yourself or family members you can learn about game ratings and content descriptors as well as find out the qualities of good video games before you go shopping. You can also try some of these games and game systems without investing a lot of time or money.  London Public Library has gaming programs and opportunities for children and teens and there are also programs that are available for both new and experienced adult game players.  Just a few of these programs are Crouch's Teen Extreme Gaming, Cherryhill's Wii for Adults or Jalna's DDR and Guitar Hero program.

Gaming is no longer the domain of the young for game players come in a wide range of ages and it is not uncommon to find adults and seniors who consider themselves serious gamers.  I have joined the gaming community and I am quickly becoming a Zelda perfectionist, a gamer who feels compelled not only to save the princess but to find every heart (increases your life line) and hidden treasure chest as well as completing every side quest. Come into the library and join your friends, family or neighbours at one of our game programs.  The fun is contagious and maybe you will be the next one to save the princess!