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Exploring Career Options with a B.A.

So, you've graduated from university with a BA and have no idea how to find employment. You can probably guess it's not every day that the newspaper prints a want ad for an artist or poet. When most people find out your major they probably think, "Good luck finding a job", but the truth is, there are a number of career opportunities out there for people with an arts degree. The key is to know your options.

Here are a couple of book titles available at the library to futher help you with career exploration :

"Career Opportunities in Art" by Susan H. Haubenstock and David Joeslit with Karen W. Bressler and Elsie Rosen

Book Cover Image




"Career Opportunities in Theater and the Performing Arts" by Shelly Field

Book Cover Image




"I'm an English Major, Now What?" by Tim Lemire

Book Cover Image