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Navigating Your Way Through London

Do your kids play sports or have a social life? Do you find that you are constantly putting on that chauffeur cap and driving them all over the city - to hockey arenas, baseball diamonds, dance rehearsal, or friend's houses - you name it. 

The City of London has a great interactive map to help you navigate your way through London.  In addition to finding a specific street address, you can choose to have the map show all of the arenas, pools, parks, schools, public libraries (very important), or other points of interests - shopping, hospitals, churches etc. You can even switch to the aerial views so you can see exactly what a buiding looks like or what street a parking lot entrance is off.  Check out your own house - it's fun.

Another nice feature is that is shows you what roads are under construction and what roads will be under construction in the near future. This is handy if you're like me, and barely gets the kids to the game on time when road conditions are good.