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Counting Your Clo's

Counting "clo's" is not related to your diet. In 1941 a "clo" was established as the unit of measure that rated the insulating value of the clothes you wear. Tables were drawn up that gave numerical factors to each item of clothing such as 0.09 clo's for a t-shirt and 0.20 clo's for a sweater.  Total clo's are added up and multiplied by 2/3 to allow for overlapping and the compression of the clothing item.  Each item you wear has it's own clo value and the total clo's determines your clothing suitability for your leisure, sports, travelling, indoor or outdoor activities. So, whether you are bundling up because you want to avoid hypothermia or frost bite (the body's defense mechanisms) or because it just feels better counting your clo's' gives you the science behind the art of layering clothing.  Counting clo's gives credence to the old Norwegian Sailor's Adage "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes."  Pat