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Christian Pop Culture

Raptue Ready book cover imageI had heard the phrase, "the rapture", spoken a few times in the context of religion and faith and had always wondered what it meant. So when I saw the book Rapture Ready!: adventures in the parallel universe of Christian pop culture added to our collection I thought maybe I'd find some answers there. The author, Daniel Radosh, a self-described Humanist Jew,  travels through the American South interviewing people and attending church services, conventions and rock concerts to look at how and why the evangelist Christan movement has used pop culture to reach people.

It is fascinating reading. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect, such as Christian theme parks (who knew?), books, music, how bibles are altered and the Christian publishing industry, the teaching of children (meet Bibleman everbody), doodads and catch phrases and much more. He looks at how the evolution of pop culture is mirrored a step behind in evangelist Christian culture and questions many people about this apparent disconnect - the use of "secular world" techniques and paraphernalia to attract and retain followers of their teaching. For someone with a more traditional religious background, reading this book is like looking through a window with a combination of fascination, astonishment and disbelief.

And yes, I found out what "the rapture" is.

~ Lisa