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Mastering the Cold Call

Cold Calling is a way of approaching prospective employers by telephone to express your interest in working for them and to see if any vacancies are coming up in the future. Contacting a potential employer in such a way requires a great deal of initiative and can be quite stressful.

Cold calling 40 people on the phone is obviously easier than visiting 40 companies in person, but job seekers find it one of the hardest techniques that they can use to get what they want. Mostly, it’s because cold calling has so many fears associated with it such as: discomfort, embarrassment, getting turned down and rejection.

In today's economy, cold calling has become more common and is an essential job search tool. It's one of the best ways of identifying unadvertised job opportunities and is a proven technique for navigating the hidden job market successfully. In addition, tapping into the hidden job market means that you will face less competition and may get the job that better suits your skills and needs (since you’re only approaching the companies that really interest you). So don’t wait long to make some more useful calls!

For additional help with cold calls you can borrow books from your local London Public Library:

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