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How can cooking supper help change the future?

A mere forty years ago when shoppers were selecting food and produce it nearly always came within the 200 mile radius of their grocery store and families stock piled fresh local crops of bushels of apples, tomatoes and beets, carrots and cabbage that adorned the kitchen, pantry or cold cellar.

Today with mass transportation available we tend to buy smaller quantities and rely heavily on products that are often transported thousands of miles across the continent. If you purchase locally grown  food products or sustainable products (those that are available under the 200 mile radius) you can help affect the negative impact on the climate by reducing the amount of fuel used to transport the produce. So, meal by meal,dinner by dinner we can help change the future.

Moving into spring is a perfect time to try out sustainable recipes or you can create your own by using produce that is local, fresh and sustainably grown. For best buying practices for locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables you can get a free copy of "Get Fresh" at London Public Library. The booklet contains lists of farms and markets (map included) and a great "What's in Season" chart.

Don't forget to visit London Public Library during Enviro Week (April 16 to April 23) to learn how you can make your home and your life more green and sustainable because you are Fuelling the Future.