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The Tax Man Cometh

At London Public Library you can check out 101 Tax Secrets for Canadians, attend tax preparation programs with instructors from Revenue Canada or sign out books that share tips, tricks and savings insights such as The Taxman is Watching: what every Canadian taxpayer needs to know and fear or Tax Tips for Canadians for Dummies.  While you are at the library be sure to pick up your free copy of "Your Personal Tax Planning Guide 2008-09" (written by Certified General Accountants of Ontario) or, if still faint of heart, stop in and take a look at our list of Free Tax Clinics. 

If you still plan to do your own tax return you can purchase easy to use tax preparation software at most business supply stores or visit Revenue Canada's tax preparation site for tax packages and detailed information sheets on everything including Capital gains (or losses), donations, tuition and contributions.  Once it is all done, grab that coffee and step outside to see if you can spot the first spring robin.