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Job Search Tactics

With the unemployment rate on the rise, many job seekers have found the already stressful task of searching for work becoming even more challenging and worry-inducing. Some creative job seekers are employing rather unique job search methods in the hopes of landing their dream jobs. Whether they provide you with inspiration, or simply a good laugh, check out what these innovative souls have been up to:

Jason Fruen

Carl M.

Jamie Varon

Lawson Clarke

For those who prefer to keep their job search out of the limelight, the library has many great resources to provide you with some more traditional advice on looking for work. Have a look at the books below.

book cover imageWhat Color is Your Parachute? - by Richard Nelson Bolles




book cover imageWhat Does Somebody Have to Do to Get a Job Around Here? - by Cynthia Shapiro



book cover imageHow to Find a Job in Canada - by Efim Cheinis



book cover imageHow'd You Score that Gig? - by Alexandra Levit



book cover imageNo One Will Hire Me - by Ronald Krannich




Do you have some excellent job search tips or creative job search ideas? Post a comment, I'd love to hear them!

~ Danna Bushfield, Librarian