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"Toot your own horn"

Portfolios for me have always conjured up images of the artistic types,   (painters, sculptors, models, architects, fashion designers), with folders full of sketches or photographs of their work. But nowadays portfolios have become essential for every profession if one wants to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Portfolios are your career DNA-showing a record of your work ; demonstrating your skills, knowledge, competencies, and accolades. It is the easiest way to "toot your own horn."

The easiest way to create and manage a portfolio is to put it online; an e-portfolio. An e-portfolio is easy to update and much easier to make available to potential employers. E-portfolios can be in the form of blogs, websites or social networking sites geared to professionals such as Linkedin. There are many resources to help you create your e-portfolio, on the internet and in the library collection.

Portfolios websites:



Other websites:

Career Cruising:

Book resources

Employment Portfolio: Identifying skills, training, accomplishments, and references for the job seeker/ Charles Bostaph, Roland B. Vendeland, 2000






Beginning your career search: a hands-on approach to build your portfolio/ James S. O'Rou





Getting the job you really want  [videorecording (DVD)] / with Mike Farr; Jeff Heck, producer?director. 2005




                       ~ Ticha Gwaradzimba~