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Talking About Our Generations

Canada, like most industrialized countries, is grappling with an aging or greying workforce.  Yet within this employee pool, employers are also dealing with staff of different ages, spanning up to four generations.  Each employed traditionalist, baby boomer, generation Xer or newly minted millennial brings with them a unique work ethic and set of beliefs, sometimes to the detriment of the organization.

How does an employer learn what makes employees from different decades tick, and how do they create a work climate where all staff learn to work toward the common goals of the company?

Here are two books that can help an employer naviate their way through generational conflicts and crisis in the workplace.

The trophy kids grow up.  How the millenial generation is shaking up the workplace.  Author Ron Alsop is a regular speaker on the millenial generation and explains how to attract, recruit and retain this new breed.  They are our country's future workers.



Loyalty unplugged: how to get, keep and grow all four generations, by Adwoa K. Buahene and Giselle Kovary.  The authors ponder one of the most pressing questions facing employers right now - is loyalty dead?  They explain that employee loyalty is not dead, just re-labelled as employee engagement.  Each of the four generations demonstrate different work behaviours; thus making it a challenge for businesses to harness staff energy and keep them motivated.

Both these books are a must-read for parents, employers, and human resource specialists interested in the future of job satisfaction in the workplace.