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Canadian Legal Forms Available Online

      Just as Canadian federal and provincial government websites provide electronic access to legal documents and forms, so is the legal system making a concerted effort to offer legitimate forms for family, civil and small claims courts.

      Ontario Court Services website provides full-text PDFs of Ontario Court forms in the areas of Family Law Rules forms; Rules of Civil Procedure forms; and Rules of Small Claims Court forms.

      Please note that these forms are designed to be printed off the website.  They cannot be filled out online and then filed electronically from the site.  They must be filled in, printed off, and filed at the courts in person.

      Another online legal form service is LawDepot.Com.  It differs from the Ontario Court Service in that there is a fee to print out these Canadian legal forms, either as a one-time use, or on a subscription. basis.  Forms are available for wills and power of attorney; leasing and real estate; business and human resources, to name a few.

      We can expect to see more of these websites as they prove to be popular with the public.