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Women & Writing

book cover imageHave you ever wondered about the impact of women writers within our literary tradition?  'A Jury of Her Peers: American Writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx' is a fascinating new book that has just arrived on our shelves to help answer some of those questions.  With a "narrative of immense scope and fascination, brimming with wit and incisive opinions"  we are conducted on a tour of 250 female writers, including both the famous and the little known.

book cover image'Women Who Write' is a beautiful book which brings together paintings, drawings, prints and photographs of outstanding women writers through the ages, and discusses the challenges female authors have faced in the pursuit of their craft, from Hildegard of Bingen, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Jane Austen to Simone de Beauvoir, Sylvia Plath and Toni Morrison.

book cover imageHow do we assess the significance of various women authors?  Other books which explore this theme include the intriguingly titled 'A Bookshelf of Our Own: Works that changed Women's Lives' which looks at the fifty most important and admired books by and about women from the Middle Ages to the present. 


book cover imageYou might be surprised at some of the choices of names of 12 modern women writers included in 'Passionate Minds: Women Rewriting the World', but will enjoy this exploration of the literary achievements of women who 'rewrote' the world that they inherited, shaping beliefs about vital issues ranging from religion to sex to race to politics. 


book cover imageIn 'Word: On Being a [Woman] Writer', some of the world's most famous literary voices meditate on what it means to be a woman writer. 



book cover imageFor a Canadian perspective, browse through 'All My Sisters: Essays on the Work of Canadian Women Writers' or the more provocative 'Collaboration in the Feminine: Writings on Women and Culture', a collection of innovative and critical articles which appeared in the magazine 'Tessera'.