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Have you ever noticed the great book displays your library always has? Our staff make it a point to put up interesting displays whether they are fiction or non-fiction.  Displays are usually located in a convenient spot in the library, so that it's easy to grab a good book and go!

Something neat to look out for at the Central Library is the "Feature Fiction" display. This display has become so popular we went from calling it  Fiction of the Month to Feature Fiction, simply because we couldn't keep the books on the shelves! The titles usually change weekly. What we do is choose a fiction title and display multiple copies of it, along with a short synopsis of the book. These books were often best sellers and/or popular book club titles in the recent past. Ask us about it next time you're at Central! Check out East London library's version. They have a "Book of the Month" display that is really popular!

Please remember, when you see a display of books at the library, feel free to borrow one. Filling up those displays is what we love to do!