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The Hour I First Believed

If you are a fan of Wally Lamb's writing, this one won't disappoint. I finally got my hands on a copy after waiting a LONG time for it. I can easily say that it was worth the wait. As I was reading, I often wondered how Mr. Lamb was going to keep my interest in the story because it is a 740 page novel. I usually don't pick up novels of this size, but I loved his other work and wasn't going to pass this one by. Needless-to-say, he kept my interest: the way he writes this sad story is phenomenal. Here is a brief look at what it's about: 

The story revolves around Caelum Quirk and his third wife, Maureen, who move back to Connecticut after Maureen narrowly survives--but cannot recover emotionally from--the shootings at Columbine High School. At the Quirk family farm, Caelum discovers a cache of family memorabilia dating back five generations, which reveals painful, unexpected truths about the Quirk family's past, but which might help Caelum build his future.