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Career Week: Imagine the Possibilities November 16 - 21, 2009

London Public Library's Employment Resource Centres are offering you a chance to explore a variety of career prospects. Visit the ERCs the week of November 16 - 21, 2009 where you can discover information, resources and websites that are available to assist you make those career and educational decisions for planning your career path.

Special Displays:

Central Library

Think retirement means endless rounds of golf and trips to warm locales? Wrong! More and more over 55-ers are coming out of retirement and looking to start a second career. Come check out more information at the Central Library and see how you can jump-start your career after 55.

Beacock Branch Library

Are you a square peg in a round hole or just a little ODD? If so, or if you simply want to experience the lighter side of work, come in and learn about some weird jobs of today and through the ages.

Crouch Branch Library

Construction is a $168 billion dollar industry, representing 13% of Canada's economy. It needs creative, skilled and competitive people in every part of the country. Information on construction myths, sectors, trades and occupations, and apprenticeships will be provided.

Jalna Branch Library

With an aging population, health careers are in demand now more than ever. Personal support workers, nurses and related occupations are becoming the path that will lead to jobs for years to come.

Pond Mills Branch Library

The demand for IT specialists is growing rapidly in today's age of technology. As technology becomes a greater part of doing business, more computer-related jobs will be created to keep pace in this rapidly changing marketplace.

Westmount Branch Library

Alternative energy and environmentally friendly industries are being hailed by many not only as the wave of the future in general, but as a key piece in the economic puzzle for a sustainable recovery. So-called "green jobs" have been cited by policymakers and officials as a necessary part of any stimulus effort. Come examine materials about this evolving field of work.

See the programs we have planned to help you search for work.

As of July 7, 2012  all Employment Resource Centres closed at London Public Library. We continue to help with information and tools to assist your search for work. Find out more.